A Brave Husky Discovers a Box of Kittens in the Forest and Becomes Their Adoptive Dad

Banner, the service dog, is truly a gem. Not only does he assist his owner Whitney Braley with her disability, but he also has a knack for helping and looking after other animals in need.

Whitney has had Husky, a 3-year-old pup, since he was a little furball, and she has trained Banner to assist her and others with a range of tasks. According to Whitney, “He alerts on PTSD episodes, anxiety attacks, headaches, manual tasks, impulse control, medication retrieval, interruption of self-harm, among others.”

“She is always in touch with the kittens, and we rescue them a lot. Banner raised my first bottle-fed kitten that I found in a ditch two years ago. That cat is still with us, but she has raised at least ten different litters of kittens over the years. This is the first time SHE encounters something like this.”

What she stumbled upon was heart-wrenching. In the forest, she found a sealed cardboard box containing 7 newborn kittens, only a day old and freezing to death. Banner informed Whitney and led her to the forest, where they opened the box and carefully removed each kitten one by one.

Whitney told Metro, “Someone must have put them in a cardboard box, closed the lid tightly, and left them to die. Presumably, they assumed that no one would ever find them.” I’m not sure how Banner knew they were there. The kittens were freezing and not meowing at all.
“It sickens me that someone could do this to these defenseless animals. It’s just so heartless and terrible.”

Banner has not left the side of the kittens since then and has adopted them as her own. According to Whitney, who spoke to Bored Panda, “I spayed her when she was a year and a half, but she is incredibly maternal.”
“Now I will find suitable homes for the kittens, where they will be loved forever.” Since our local shelter euthanizes in three days, I should do it myself. That’s why I constantly end up raising kittens. I don’t want them to die.”

“I am thrilled that, thanks to Banner, these kittens are now living their lives in loving homes. It warms my heart.”
Banner is a true hero, committed to helping all creatures and animals. He also has thousands of fans on his Instagram and Facebook pages. Be sure to check them out for updates on the kittens’ progress!

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