A Skinny Street Dog: Unable to Walk After Suffering from Starvation and Dehydration for an Extended Period

When Barilla was brought to a dog and cat rescue center in Granada, Spain, she was nothing but skin and bones with very few functioning internal organs. In addition, her muscles are weak, she can no longer walk, and is now paralyzed in one spot.

The staff at the center were concerned about Barilla, who weighed only 7.2 kg, surviving her critical health condition. Just arriving one night late wouldn’t save a life.

Since Barilla couldn’t stand on her own, the staff provided her with support to help her gain muscles. They also kept her continuously hydrated for 6 hours before daring to give her something more nutritious.

Barilla has scratches on all four legs, which were caused by crawling on the floor.

After 6 hours of water supply, Barilla was able to stand up and drink water, but it didn’t last long.

After a week of care and therapy, Barilla has gained 4 kg, but still can’t walk or stand for long periods and often falls to the ground. It took Barilla 6 weeks to start eating properly, but she was able to run and jump like any other healthy dog. Barilla showed great dedication to the staff’s care.

Eduardo Rodríguez, a 37-year-old shelter owner, fell in love with Barilla at first sight and decided to adopt her. Barilla now lives happily with Eduardo, his wife, their 14-year-old daughter, and five other dogs in their home on the outskirts of Granada. After months of living on the streets, Barilla finally has a place to call her own.

Anh Rodríguez shared that this was her first time adopting a dog since losing one of her previous dogs in an accident five years ago. She mentioned being amazed by the pup’s will to survive and feeling an instant connection with her upon their first meeting.

Right from the start, Anh Rodríguez and Barilla showed an incredibly loving and devoted bond. Barilla’s recovery has been remarkable; from the fourth day of being rescued, she has been eating 5 to 6 meals a day and has been gaining 1 kg per day. Barilla’s weight has now reached 20.8 kg and she is almost fully healed.

Local residents found Barilla and reported her to the rescue center and the police. Barilla was just ten months old when she was rescued. The police are still looking into who left the unfortunate dog in such a condition.

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