An abandoned dog with only two legs managed to survive against all odds, but sadly, no one came forward to offer any help.

Why doesn’t anyone pay notice to the dog with one back leg as it jumps around in search of food?

A striking photo of a dog on the side of the road, begging for food with its rear legs amputated, has gone viral. Many people are interested in learning what precipitated this dog’s aggressive actions.

A Thai dog was helped and given food in the video as it begged for food next to the road. The dog appeared to have just been through a fire that burned spectators since he was severely underweight, skeleton, and completely devoid of flesh.

The dog seemed to have been ravenous for a while, although the meal used to be wonderful. The spectators’ solemn looks, fixed on the camera, destroy the viewers. The dog’s back legs were misaligned, but he was still standing on his other two legs.

The dog used to enjoy eating, thus it’s likely that it endured long periods of malnutrition.

The video has received a lot of views and shares. The majority of them were busy at work, which delayed the arrival of this miserable canine.

In a Facebook post, V.A stated, “I have to scavenge for food by the side of the road like this because I don’t know where my owner is.” She said, “I won’t have to suppress my tears any longer when I see it.

If this dog is still in Vietnam, do everything you can to save him; if not, I’ll take him in and take care of him. T.L., a trusted friend, said, “May God bless him with many fantastic problems.”

Even though it is currently unknown whether this sorrowful puppy is a stray, there have been numerous requests for assistance. Ideally, the dog will get the best nourishment and care throughout time.

Dogs will constantly attempt to enjoy life and their owners as much as possible, regardless of the circumstances, including illness, physical defects, or other unforeseeable calamities. Dogs with autism don’t often sit down in a despondent way. They will continue to live in a comfortable setting, which will satisfy us as their owners.

No matter how dangerous the situation, the dog will protect its owner to the very end, even if it means facing off against opponents who are much heavier than it. Dogs have occasionally saved their owners by rescuing them from burning homes or fending off wolves and tigers. Dogs are more than simply pets; they act as your protectors thanks to this crucial trait.

Dogs are unquestionably the most docile animals; they don’t mind doing the same thing over and over or getting into uncomfortable situations, and they even like learning new things. those fresh goods.

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