Happy 3rd Birthday to my little internet star, Peps! ****

Remember all those viral TikTok videos that had you melting over adorable pups? Well, this cuddle monster right here is the one who stole the show three years ago!

Since then, Peps has brought endless joy into my life (and maybe a few chewed shoes along the way). Every day with you is an adventure, filled with tail wags, zoomies, and the comfiest couch cuddles. You make me laugh every single day, even when you’re mastering the art of the “guilty dog look” after a mischievous escapade.

@pepperthepom_x what’s your dogs favourite snack? #spinningdog #pomeranians #smalldogsoftiktok ♬ Elevator Music – Bohoman

Here’s to celebrating many more birthdays with you, Peps! We might not have another viral moment (but hey, you never know!), but the love and laughter we share is all the fame I need. Here’s to treats, belly rubs, and all the fun adventures to come.

#PepsTurnsThree #BirthdayPup #MyForeverLove #TikTokFamous

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