Left to Fight: A Warrior’s Struggle for Survival (video)

I stumbled upon Kai while exploring the outskirts of town. She was sitting by the sewer entrance, looking helpless and unable to move. Her eyes conveyed a sense of urgency, pleading for assistance as if to say, “Please, don’t abandon me.” I didn’t think twice about figuring out a way to help the poor girl in need.

She is in tears from the pain, and just by touching her, I could tell she was really suffering. We’re at the vet’s office for check-up and treatment. She is shaking uncontrollably and can’t even stand for a moment.
His situation is critical, and he requires extensive treatment with the possibility of being able to walk or run again. On the first day, Kai was suspected of having measles and displaying symptoms of spasms.

Kai was suffering from a high fever of 39.5 degrees along with diarrhea. After an MRI test, it was a relief to know that there were no brain issues. However, the persistent tics were causing discomfort, so a PCR test was necessary to determine the cause. It would take about 5-6 days to receive the results.

On Day 5, the PCR test revealed a significant amount of contrast medium in Kai’s lungs. The heartless owner had abandoned Kai because of this, assuming the worst. Despite not being able to return to being a normal dog, Kai showed resilience and the desire to keep on living.

I was determined to find a way to ensure Kai’s comfort and well-being with all the love and care I could give. We were in this together, doing our best every step of the way.

By Day 12, Kai was still receiving anticonvulsants and acupuncture regularly to manage the tics. While the symptoms seemed to be worsening, the fact that Kai was eating well and had a healthy digestive system was a positive sign.

Every day, Kai undergoes therapeutic treatment which helps her feel improved. It has been a long journey for Kai, requiring time, patience, attention, and love throughout her treatment. She diligently puts in effort towards her rehabilitation, with the hopes of one day being able to stand on all four legs.

On the thirtieth day, Kai indulged in a hearty meal, feeling more energized than ever. She remained determined to push through her workouts and give her best. Slowly but surely, two of Kai’s legs began to regain sensation and movement. When she touched the needle to her toes, she couldn’t help but jump in joy at the progress she had made. It was a small victory, but it brought her immense happiness amidst the challenges she faced.

On day 35, Kai and I enjoyed a soothing herbal bath, which offered both therapeutic benefits and a chance to unwind. By day 45, I was amazed by little Kai’s resilience as she bravely battled for her life. I imagined the day when she would sprint towards me on all fours, but she surprised me by being even faster than I had anticipated. Check out the video for more heartwarming moments.

Kai has proven herself to be a determined warrior, willing to do whatever it takes to grow and thrive. She deserves to enjoy a life filled with happiness, just like any other dog. My dear Kai, I am so proud of you and I cherish you with all my heart!

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