Michael J. Fox Introduces His Stunning New Dog, Blue: ‘Welcome to Your Forever Home!’

Michael J. Fox shared a picture of Blue, his new pup, on Twitter to let his followers and fans see his new family member. Many people commented on the photo expressing how great Fox is, and claiming that Blue looks like Einstein, a dog that came in one of his films.

Writer Ali Wentworth and Julianne Moore, an actress, were even among the commentators. They wrote that they can’t wait to meet Blue. Tracy Pollan, the actor’s wife, shared a clip of Blue having fun with another dog captioning it with “Best Friends”.

Fox shared that they decided to have Blue after 2 years of losing Gus, their dog, who had a great role in supporting him with Parkinson’s disease.

The Hollywood star shared online that he was not the one who rescued Gus, but Gus rescued him. We hope that Gus will rest in peace, and Blue have a great life in his new home. Watch the video below.

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