Senior Dog Abandoned, Tied to Public Bathroom with Note Pleading for Kindness

Ladybird, a 9-year-old dog, was found tethered to a public bathroom in Destrehan’s Splash Park, Louisiana with a note attached read “Be nice 2 dog – got stuck no car – be back soon – give my dog some water – be back in morning.”

The local animal control found that the note’s content was incoherent, which meant that the black Labrador was abandoned! So, the dog was moved to an animal shelter called St. Charles Parish Animal Shelter

But actually, the owner was honest as he called the shelter the next morning to ask for Ladybird. So, he went to the shelter and told them about what forced him to leave the dog.

He explained that he’d rescued the dog when she was just six weeks old, but things recently went bad forcing him to be homeless and without a car.

He also added that he’d planned to maneuver to North Carolina with Ladybird, as he would be helped by his family. Seeing that the owner was completely worried about the dog let the rescuers helped him to go to North Carolina with the help of some other rescues called “Wings Of Rescue”, “GreaterGood”, and “Turning Rescues into Pets”.

Watch the video below.

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